Vintage Machines.


Here at Motohangar we take extreme pride in our work on vintage motorcycles, but confess that due to their age, mechanical issues may arise. Motohangar provides superlative customer service via diagnostic tests and thorough trouble shooting while paying close attention to detail. That said, bikes that run mechanically sound prior to departure may encounter issues in the future. Additionally it can sometimes be difficult to source parts for repairs of custom projects, which can add to the length of time it takes to complete services requested.

Custom work requires a great amount of time and patience between us and you as our client. We will be in close contact with you throughout the build process determining specifics and complexity of the project. We can perform anything from simple modification, to full ground up restoration or complete custom bike. Pricing will vary as the project goes on and it will be difficult to give an exact final estimate on how much this process will cost or how long it will take. Below are some guidelines to show you what you can expect depending on your price range and how far you would like us to go with a project. That being said, the below estimates are exactly that, estimates, and occasionally projects may take a bit longer or cost a bit more then originally expected to complete.

Please give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss more about your custom plans and ideas. Check out the bikes page for the newest projects. We can build anything that you may see on our bikes page or check below for cost and information on new projects. If we can't assist you with something we will be more then willing to guide you in the right direction.

Full Moto Options.

We can work with your current bike, or find the correct bike for you. Simple tune up will be included, if the bike you provided needs work beyond standard tune up procedures there will be additional cost. If we are to find the bike for you, we won't purchase one that needs major mechanical work. All prices below include the cost of a donor bike.



The Moto 1 package starts out at around $12500 and includes a full restoration as well as custom changes relating to sub frame welding, mounting different tanks, custom tail, custom wiring, custom gauges, suspension upgrades, brakes and performance work, powder coated frame, etc.
Est. build time from start of project to completion:
Call or email for pricing.
6-10 Weeks.


The Moto2 package here at MotoHangar, as seen on our award winning Suzuki GT 550 coined the 'Honduki' and our RD400 includes every thing previously listed as well as full suspension changes/swaps to USD forks and rear mono shock swing arm. Custom oil reservoir (if necessary), matching wheels, elaborate metal work, very custom one off seats and tails, one off headlights and tail lights, and full from the ground up restoration. Once the bike's customizations are complete; the bike is then torn back down, painted, polished, restored, and reassembled to near new condition.
Est. build time from start of project to completion:
Call or email for pricing.
12+ Weeks.

Custom Work & Restoration.

We also offer per job services which inlude, however not limited to, Subframes, Fiber Glass, Tank Cleaning & Recoating, Bead Blasting, Custom Paint & Powder Coating, Custom Seat Pans, Tail Fairings, Shortened Exhaust and mounting of aftermarket or performance parts. Most of this work will be charged on a per job basis at an hourly shop rate.